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Discover How To Capture AMAZING Photos In A Pinch...
(When All You Have Is Your iPhone)... 
With Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer,
 Emily Yewchuk
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Mini class
Learn how to take AMAZING photos in a pinch when all you have is your iPhone...
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Here's a Glimpse at what we'll be covering...
They say the best camera is the one you've got. Learn how to master the iPhone when you're out and about (and forgot your DSLR back at home :-)...
Day 1: The Pros and Cons of Shooting With an iPhone camera
Day 2: How to quickly set up each shot like an expert
Day 3: How to avoid the pitfalls and risks of shooting in different lighting conditions
Day 4: Getting the most out of your phone. Learn my secret settings that make all the difference
Day 5: How to edit like a pro Learn all about my fave apps and watch me edit photos in real time
This course will only be available for a limited time
Yes, I Want to know how to take photos like a pro using only my iPhone!
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