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We say it often, they grow up too fast.    
I said it three times today in fact.

One of my favourite quotes is: 
 "Be happy for this moment, 
this moment is your life". 

How many moments do you wish you could relive? 
to see the little curls on your 
babe's head before they got their first hair cut, their sweet toothless smile, or their childhood Halloween costumes?

I want to help you capture more 
of these moments for yourselves. 

I adore photographing families, 
but let's be honest, photographers 
can't be there for every one 
of your child's days. 

By joining my group you are taking on a very important role for your family, you are the memory keeper for your family, you are your family's story teller. 

Join me for my online 
Life in Pictures Masterclass
and let's get started. 

xoxo Emily 

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It's time for an ALL INCLUSIVE "cut-to-the-chase" photography program designed JUST for busy Moms
Whether you're comfortable on multiple modes, or currently using your camera as a paperweight this course is for you! Whether you want to start a blog, up your instagram game, or just want to capture gorgeous photos for yourself, you're in the right place. 

We will cover shooting in manual on a DSLR, composition, light, printing, editing and more. Join me in this new adventure and start capturing some of your everyday life in a beautiful way.
What we'll cover...
What we'll cover...
  • Module 1: Composition: The secrets to setting up your shots like the pros do
  • Module 2: Lighting: The most important topic in photography and we delve deep!
  • Module 3: Exposure Triangle: The Huh? The secret to getting a perfectly exposed image is revealed
  •  Module 4: Camera Modes: What do all those buttons mean anyways?
  •  Module 5: Editing: Learn and watch how I edit my images from start to finish
  •  Module 6: Working With Kids: Learn my tips and tricks after photographing hundreds of children 
  •  Module 7: Sharing Your Photos: Learn about printing, online sharing, file sizes, making books, slideshows, cards and everything else your heart desires 
You will gain a solid understanding of using light and composition to push your photos to the next level. 

What?! You're STILL On The Fence?

If you complete all of my training and are STILL unable to take incredible photos (which I'm 100% confident you will :-) - I will happily refund your investment in full.

However, this training is designed specifically for busy mamas wanting to learn the shortcuts and tricks that will help you get there WAAAAAAY faster than the traditional path. I'm committed to your success and results and am determined to help get you there FAST. 

What?! You're STILL On The Fence?

If you complete all of my training and are STILL unable to take incredible photos (which I'm 100% confident you will :-) - I will happily refund your investment in full.

However, this training is designed specifically for busy mamas wanting to learn the shortcuts and tricks that will help you get there WAAAAAAY faster than the traditional path. I'm committed to your success and results and am determined to help get you there FAST. 

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Becky P

The day I became a memory keeper
Buy a good camera, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. What the heck does this button do? Well I guess I’ll read the manual and learn how to use the camera tomorrrow. Next week. Next month. Crap! Now the baby is born and I’ll never have a chance to read that manual. Oh well, automatic will be fine. But why are my photos not looking like the ones I see on Pinterest?! All I want is one cute photo!! This thing is so overwhelming and frustrating. I have no clue where to even start! And when will I find the time to read that manual?! Oh look - A photography workshop all about taking good photos of your kids using a fancy camera! Sign me up! 
The day I attended your workshop was the day I became a memory keeper. I knew taking a photo with a good quality camera would give me nicer photos versus the dark and blurry iPhone. But never did I know that in three short hours and joining a community of photography mommas, I could turn my camera from automatic to manual and produce beautiful images of my daughter I only dreamed of! 
To become a memory keeper, you need a great teacher. Emily is able to break down confusing photography terms into easy to understand information using hands on camera demonstrations, video tutorials and examples of her own photos. Emily’s knowledge for photography makes it easy to ask questions and her passion for taking photos of her own family is contagious. Who wouldn’t want to give your family memories they can cherish forever? 
The day I became a memory keeper was the day I took a photo of my daughter and proudly hung it on my wall. Yes, it was scary to go from automatic to manual. Yes, it took a lot of practice and I took hundreds of photos I didn’t like. But Emily’s ongoing support kept me motivated to want to do better. Every challenge that was posted forced me out of my comfort zone and made me learn something new. 
The day I became a memory keeper was when I took a beautiful photos of my friend’s baby. What a gift it is to give a friend a memory that will last forever. 
I know I still have lots to learn and so many more photos to take. But I am so so glad I signed up for your photography workshop. I am a memory keeper and it is all thanks to you!

Julie K

Emily is a fabulous instructor. Great at teaching terminology, different ways of doing things and getting yourself the perfect picture. I feel like I can go back and watch her videos over and over and keep learning because they are that good! I highly recommend learning from her!

Sara P

Learning how to use my Canon camera in the ‘M’ mode to create printable photos was exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up for this course. As the one who takes nearly all the photos in my family, I also wanted to learn some tricks to capture myself in the frame with my children and husband so that I could be both photographer and subject at the same time. How’s that for another multitasking momma job!

Emily is a natural teacher and totally adorable. I was in awe of her ability to guide us, as novices, from photography basics to more advanced techniques. She broke down technical terms and simply explained camera settings. Following her course, my photos have truly moved to the next level and I am shooting photos I would frame nearly every single day. In just days following the workshop, I captured silhouettes of my daughter in butterfly wings fluttering by her window with a sunbeam perfectly placed, closeup toothy grins of my son, action shots of a rambunctious snowball fight with fresh snow and rose coloured cheeks, and so many genuine moments of all three of my children being together. I definitely gained a solid understanding of my camera settings and have a greater awareness of my compositions and shooting angles following this course with Emily. I have since purchased a tripod and remote and for the first time in six years, I will have many printed photos of one or more of our children and I! 
Thank you, thank you!

Carleen T

Inept to adept. 
So long story short, electronics and my self are not best buddies. I still require assistance from my 6 year old to turn on the big screen, and don’t even ask me where the modem is located in my house. I have known Emily for quite some time, and have had the pleasure of watching her become an exceptional artist/photographer. So when she offered a course on how to take pictures with my iPhone? Can I get a heck YES!! I won’t lie, hockey season struck in full force mid session, so I have very slowly worked my way through those videos. I literally had no idea that my camera on my iPhone could do such things! Now she is offering a DSLR course. I have taken these before, and while good, they focus on the absolute basics. Emily has put together the most comprehensive course layout that I have seen yet. Taking photos, finding the right buttons (told you.... inept) going through the basics of composition and light are one thing, but Emily has included all the next steps you need, and trust me, you want to have to end up with that picture perfect product to hang on your walls. I can’t say enough about how well she teaches this info. She doesn’t miss a step. All the love my dear! My photo albums will thank you!

Megan B

Emily's lifestyle photography course was such an amazing learning experience to help capture those everyday family moments and a great opportunity to finally learn how to use Manual mode on my camera. Emily's class was fantastic!! I loved the easy to understand presentation with photo examples and the opportunities to be hands on with our cameras. Most importantly, Emily was able to teach the difference between TAKING a photo and MAKING a photo by using Exposure and Composition rules. If I ever had a question about camera settings or photography, Emily would always quickly answer in a simple way that was super easy to understand. I also really enjoy learning photography tips and tricks on the alumni Facebook group. Now, 4 months later, I can confidently use my camera in Manual mode and take visually appealing photos that I am very happy and proud of. Thank you Emily for showing me how precious family photos are and I can’t wait to learn more from you!

Shannon M

I took Emily’s photography course last October and was very very pleased with it. I wanted to learn the basics of my camera and what it all meant so I could take pictures of my kids and family without being in automatic mode! She was so wonderful at explaining and teaching during the course and still is a continued help months after I completed the course with her tips and tricks in the facebook group! Highly recommend this workshop, it’s definitely worth the investment!

Sarah K

Life in pictures
I’ve always loved taking pictures and always the one to never leave home without my camera, but i was never using my camera to its full potential. Finally got a “good” camera and my pictures were looking worse. Emily’s class was amazing, it taught me how to use my camera but she also taught me to think differently about the picture I was trying to capture. It has helped me so much and she is constantly sharing her knowldge and tips even months after taking her session. She’s is wonderful.

Kim G

I took Emily’s Life in Pictures workshop about a year ago. I went in with no knowledge of how to take pictures without using auto mode. Emily explained everything in detail during the workshop, but the best part is that she made herself available afterwards to answer any questions and to provide constructive feedback on our photos as we had time to play around and practice what we learned. I have gained a ton of confidence from this workshop, and I’m happy to say that the auto function is no longer used on my camera (unless I am able to convince my husband to take a photo of me!)

Kayla S

I met Emily about a year and half ago and she is the sweetest person I know! Over this time we’ve had about 4 sessions with her and we absolutely adore all the photos she has taken for us. Every photo is beautiful and captures the moment perfectly. One of my favourite sessions was my daughters first birthday. It was absolutely magical! Emily is amazing to work with, she is very talented, fun, quick, great with kids and very sincere. She has all the qualities that makes a great photographer!

I also took Emily’s lifestyle photography course that she offered which was such a wonderful learning experience. I wanted to learn the basics of my camera so I could take better photos of my daughter and family. She is a wonderful teacher and I left the class feeling very inspired and motivated. I have really enjoyed all the tips and tricks of photography she has offered since the class. I definitely gained a better understanding of my camera since taking the workshop and am still practicing to capture those perfect everyday family moments.

I’m thankful to have Emily as a part of my life; for everything I have learned from her about photography and for all the special moments she has captured for my family!

Lindsay W

What to even say about Emily?!
I took Emily’s intro class one weekend morning and had my eyes opened to the possibilities of how I could capture those special moments with my family. I went from not even knowing what Manual was, to feeling comfortable playing with the different features of my camera. Emily is a patient and generous teacher...always willing to repeat the information that we ask her for. Thank you for feeding my desire to capture moments in pictures.
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